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Vision Statement The Forest Department is a leading modern and committed government agency with a well trained, accountable and professional staff efficiently coordinating resources for the sustainable management of Belize’ Natural Resources,
Mission Statement The Forest Department, as a public oriented entity, fosters Belize’s economic and human development by effectively enforcing relevant policies and regulations for the sustainable management of its natural resources
History of the Belize Forest Department Forestry is the foundation of our Nation's History. The first settlers to visit this land were wood cutters and the economy was built on wood cutting. In 1774, the largest recorded mahogany tree was felled measuring 3.65 meters (11.96 ft.) in diameter. In 1886, a visit was carried out to inspect the forests and timber trade  and resulted in a report,
Management The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has the responsibility of overseeing the overall management of all natural resources of the country. The Forest Department is one of the five departments which is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing Belize's forest resources. This Department is headed by the Chief Forest Officer (CFO).
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Regional Essay Competition

Essay CompetitionThe REDD-GIZ-CCAD programme is hosting a regional essay contest and Belizean students are eligible to participate. In short, you must write an essay that answers the following questions:
  1. What are your reflections on Climate Change in the Central American region and Dominican Republic?
  2. What ideas of reaction do you observe with the Climate Change effects in your country and the Central American region? (technical arguments)
  3. How do you promote community collaboration in your country through the individual and community actions to stop or diminish this phenomenon?

The only requirements are that you be 18 years and older and that you are an agricultural student, or environmental student. 

The Forest Department encourages all interested parties to make an effort and send in an essay. We are at your disposal for any information related to climate change that we can reasonably provide. Please note that the deadline for submissions is May 31st, 2011 and you must move quickly if you are to be considered. 

The Prize is a fully paid trip to Nicaragua this upcoming summer to participate in a regional Forest Congress. Please see link below for further detailed information. 


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